Feedback: WWOOF at No Spray Hawaii

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WWOOFing feedback – 2 weeks stay

Laura and Jesse… I love theses guys! I am so happy to have learnt so much on this little paradise. They are really into teaching which made my stay so pleasent coz I really have the feeling learnt the most important things about permaculture and agriculture…they have so much experience and such a huge range of knowledge (also a super nice library with interesting stuff!!!). I really didn’t expected that at all…but now, after this stay I am sooo motivated and can’t wait to grow my own veggies! Most important the soil is the basic…so we did different kinds of composting, making soil, black gold, planting, transplanting, weeding, grass trimming, feeding bunnies, watering, mulching, etc…..also I was very happy how to do a raise bed with my own sign (thx for realizing it) every day was different for me and new stuff to learn. They are also very open-minded if you wanna learn something special, have questions or ideas to share… Can’t stop saying just positive about those guys! If we didn’t work we had a blast hanging around, watching good documentaries, going for a walk with 3 cute dogs or talking…and I just have such a unforgettable time there… They live in the middle of a paradise jungle (with private waterfall, river, bamboo, awesome trees etc.), sick woofer tent with exclusive koki frog concert every night, haha:) loved it so much, no kidding! Also…the meals were super yummie and healthy, in my eyes it looked and tasted like a 5 stars meal-everydaay:) They made me feel like home so quikly and for sure I am gonna miss them…hope u gonna visit me on february in Germany though…Thank you so much for everything, I was and am still stoked about you and your personalities, your lifestyle, way of teaching, idealism and place to live… Hope it sounds not too much cheesy, haha, but I just wanna be honest about what I am thinking… ALOHA and Mahalo for everything, u are a dreamteam (piece in a pot, bot on a bucket, remember :D)

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On:  03 Jul, 2014