Nature’s Principles

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Nature’s Principles

Growing Food is Easy When You Understand Nature

L. Rieber, No Spray Hawaii Staff Writer

Natural Agriculture Principles:

These principles are of no particular order, yet each needs to be understood and incorporated to give you the best chance of success!

Plants and animals comprise nature- not just one or the other.

Every natural landscape, forest, jungle, savanna, prairie land, or park will be comprised of both plants and animals. When growing food natural- you too have to have both plants and animals (or their byproducts) to grow just as well!

Nature is comprised of a continual supply of both carbon and nitrogen filled materials.

This does not change throughout the world. Carbon is all the brown, woody, dry materials that make up our organic world and nitrogen is all the green , wet, fresh materials. You should also have an array of carbon and nitrogen materials continually being created and utilized.

A variety of plants of different sizes, species and purposes comprise nature to promote a natural check and balance system.

Nothing in nature is all the same. There is variety of plants and animals with an array of different abilities.

Nature covers her soils from the elements whether it be sunshine, rain, wind or snow.

Nature doesn’t have bare soils where plants thrive- if you are trying to grow plants naturally, neither should you.

Microbes (tiny microscopic life forms) are responsible for obtaining the core minerals that comprise organic matter and recycle it back into a form that plants can utilize again as nutrients.

Microbes are our friends – are they yours? Read more about microbes here.

Where there is thriving plants, there is compost. Humus is derived from compost.

Humus is how nature obtains ALL of their nutrients, antioxidants and minerals which is created through the actions of microbes breaking down organic matter. Are you creating humus?

Nature is a “master at recycling” – Nothing goes to waste or is thrown out!

No where does the jungle take out the fallen leaves to make it look pretty. No where in the deep forest does nature rake and haul away the leaves that drop every fall. You shouldn’t either.

Nature relies on a trading system between the excess sugar created by the plant during photosynthesis and the minerals obtained through mineralization by microbes during composting.

Understand microbes – understand nature.


About the Author:

gwen and ILaura Rieber holds a BS in Agriculture with a focus on sustainability from the University of Hawaii, several certificates in agriculture business development and is a master gardener. Laura has designed a natural agriculture training course for returning veterans to learn to grow food naturally that is being incorporated into a Natural Agriculture Training Center. She practices natural agriculture at her home on the Big Island of Hawaii. The moment she realized the corporate lies that feed the world was the moment she was inspired to write about the truth about natural agriculture. She co-created No Spray Hawaii with her partner, Jesse Fujimoto to help others gain awareness. She teaches natural agriculture principles on the Big Island of Hawaii. CONTACT 




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