Turmeric Extract

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Daily Dose of Turmeric

Turmeric Extract – One Month Supply

Net Weight: 1/2 Ounce

Hand harvested turmeric is ground fresh and extracted for over 5 months in 100 % local, organic, gluten free alcohol.

One Month Supply: Each .5 mil jar is perfect to take 10 drops under your tonged as your Daily Dose of Turmeric or add to our other products and utilized as an alternative to the common anti-inflammatory.

Ingredients: No Spray Turmeric, Organic, Gluten Free Alcohol

Recommended Daily Dose: Take 10 drops a day.

Recommended Dose as Anti-Inflammatory: Take 5-10 drops at a time as needed to reduce inflammation and pain.

Directions: Place drops directly under tongue, add to tea or juice.


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