Nature’s Concepts

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Nature’s Concepts

What are they?

A set of easily comprehendible concepts that when understood can be utilized to make growing food easy for you! These concepts are created as a guideline to help you grow plants and animals with confidence so that you too can garden efficiently, effectively and easily.

Who are they for?

Anyone! They can help you regardless of  experience level (never gardened before, just starting, gardening for years), location (apartment, house, homestead, jungle, acres, desert, etc), desired outcomes (flower garden, vegetable garden, orchard, nice landscape, the most beautiful house on the street) and personal goals (eat what you grow, limit yard work, increase outside time, grow more fruit trees).

Click on the Concept below to learn more:

concept 1Concept: Growing food is easy when you understand nature

Once you become “Re-Introduced” back into nature you can observe the principles. These principles are what natural areas including jungles, forest and marshes rely on to grow without human inputs including synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides.



Concept 2Concept: Plants and Animals thrive in healthy soil

Once you understand what is “Under the surface” of the world we live in, you can begin to utilize the millions of life forms to do the work of growing food for you! We walk on it every day, plants grow on it, animals poop on it… yet the majority don’t even know that soil itself is actually alive and it can easily be created.


Concept 3Concept: Creating Humus is key to success

This is where you learn that death of something, unlike what most may think is actually a key part of our very, alive daily life.  Without death you have no life. Death is not the end of life, but instead,

“Death is a part of life”.


Concept 4Concept: Grow what grows well

“Utilize nature’s variety” to grow abundant amount of food. Learn to find alternative plants that grow well in your area and that live for years. By doing so you can spend more time enjoying them and eating them and WAY less time saving their lives.



Concept 5Concept: Find the Root Cause of the Immediate Problem

Most problems arise from unhealthy soil or not following nature. Use to easily determine how to find the real problems in the garden and create solutions utilizing the concepts learned.

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** These concepts are in no particular order of importance.

They all relate to each other and are equally important to one another.


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