I have a dream…

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I have a dream…

This is how I have got as far as I have. I, personally have never seized to dream, and dream big I have always done! We have this special gift as children to think outside our immediate present and IMG_3802imagine what most, well adults, could never dream possible. Then all of a sudden we lose that ability.

Perhaps we grow up, but I feel that is too easy of an excuse and not reality. For someone who has never gave up on dreaming, have I not grown up? I feel grown up. People treat me grown up and expect me to pay rent, pay credit card bills, taxes, medical bills, have children, buy a house and live happily ever after watching T.V and playing on the internet.

In fact, an off duty officer once stopped and told me and a few friends literally  “why don’t you get a job and be miserable just like the rest of us”. We were eating mangos off the ground of an “owned” vacant lot right next to our fishing spot. There were so many mangos on ground with just a bug hole here and there that we didn’t even need to pick them off tree. I will never forget those words, they have become personal inspirations to always keep dreaming. Ironically these inspirations were all because we were enjoying ourselves while saving a mango tree from attracting the wild pigs who will dig up their roots.

Back to my dreams… I have a dream that children will have an ability to grow food. That they may play in healthy soil. That each child will taste a fresh fruit grown in their front yard. This seems not too far fetched until you go into a store that sells gardening products.

The majority of products offered at shops to use in peoples front yards, gardens and even driveways are full of harmful and toxic chemicals that children and pets should stay far, far away from. They are scary! Really… scary. But my dream is so vivid.

When starting a garden and heading to the shop for the first time to grab “supplies”, remember that nature grows dense jungles full of food without any additional fertilizers or chemical aids for pest. Make sure to get a product that you would hand your favorite kid to play with.

DSCF5147It’s really not that big of a dream… but when it becomes reality just think of how awesome our world will become! How do you grow food like nature? Utilize permaculture techniques. Permaculture is permanent agriculture. These techniques help design landscapes that are beneficial to humans and help to limit the amount of things needing to be purchased all the while reducing labor on keeping things alive.

Sounds amazing right! That is because it is!


About the Author:

gwen and ILaura Rieber holds a BS in Agriculture with a focus on sustainability from the University of Hawaii, several certificates in agriculture business development, food safety and is a master gardener. The moment she realized the corporate lies that feed the world was the moment she was inspired to write about the truth about natural agriculture. She co-created No Spray Hawaii with her partner, Jesse Fujimoto to help others gain awareness. She teaches natural agriculture principles on the Big Island of Hawaii. CONTACT 


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