Gardener Tangent… First of hopefully many tangents…

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Gardener Tangent


I am going to start writing down my tangents on natural agriculture topics of interest as they happen in my life, daily. The more I learn about natural agriculture and our current agriculture system, I become more and more aware that people are unaware of what is really happening. I will source where appropriate for you to be able to find the same information that I have. If you have questions, please comment.

There is a difference. There is a big difference. There is completely different ways to ways to grow food. There is a natural way and there is an unnatural way. I am here to teach the natural way to grow food.

Natural agriculture relies on the natural ecosystem. Other types of agriculture rely on outside inputs and outside products. Which do you currently support?

Food and nutrition go hand in hand. This is because the nutrition our bodies require to support life are suppose come from the food we grow.

Understanding these two things- now you can understand how money has corrupted all of them!

I have to get out my knowledge and this is how… stay tuned for more tangents…