Really…. the water did that!

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We received a “Know your Farmer” story from Indio, California. Jenn Hunt, mother of three beautiful children just found out some interesting information as to why she has thyroid cancer as well as why her mother died of Lupine. Support her by reading her story and becoming aware of the reality that is happening and has happened in the past.



Results of growing up in Realto, California
and drinking the water
Jennifer Hunt

I grew up in San Bernardino County in a city in California. I never thought the drinking water could be toxic to myself or my family. Being a child, I really had no knowledge of contaminants. Years went by and my Mom became very sick with an autoimmune disease known as Lupus. This changed both of our lives and eventually it lead to her death. A few years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 26 years old. This was a shock to me and my family since it was not something that anyone else has in my family. I never thought it could be from my water supply as a child. Until recently someone who knows of my family’s situation brought an article to my attention. I was shocked to read that there were several people with similar diseases as my mom and myself who lived in that city between the 1980’s and 1990’s. In fact, there is a Facebook page made up of so many people affected by the drinking water with different types of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and some even became sterile. It is amazing how the things we eat and drink can possibly have such an effect on our lives and our futures. The worst part is that the city does not want to take responsibility for what they did to so many people. So although I will never get my mom back, the best thing I can do is be sure that the thing I eat and drink and feed to my children are safe.


Thanks for sharing Jennifer.

Although Jennifer didn’t really mention the importance of  specifically “Knowing your farmer” she did point out how important it is to know the sources of the food and water you consume to stay healthy. No one cares more about what your eat and drink than YOU. Know where your food and water come from, check sources and see what chemicals are being added.

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