What Makes Our Turmeric Different

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No Spray Hawaii

Daily Dose Of Turmeric

No Spray Olena Clump
No Spray Hawaii – Turmeric Clump

What makes us different?

  1. We grow your turmeric for health rather than profit.

    • Unlike most farmers, we grow your turmeric as a passion for medicinal plants and their vast benefits for our bodies. We enjoy growing these plants in a manner that promotes a healthy ecosystem and in a way that we can grow enough for others to utilize as well. This makes us different than most farmers who are “in it” for the profit, rather than your health.
  2. We only grow a limited amount  – we commit to growing for you!

    • We only grow a limited amount so we can commit to growing for you all year long. Most turmeric farmers only have turmeric available for a few months of the year, in what is known as the “dormancy period” of turmeric growth. With our special method, we can grow, harvest and provide you with turmeric all year long!
  3. You can count on us to supply your high quality turmeric products, all year long!

    • We have worked out a special method of turmeric production in which allows us to harvest for our customers all year long without disturbing the entire growing cycle. We have perfected this with you in mind! The majority of studies about the positive effects of turmeric is documented of people who consume turmeric daily, we want you to have the same ability.
  4. We grow your turmeric with positive thoughts of healing, good health and thanks.DSCF9110

    • It matters. The intention that your farmer puts into your food makes a difference in how the plant grows. We grow your turmeric while constantly putting out a positive intention of healing, good health and thanks. We hope you can feel the difference.
  5. You are more and welcome to come and see your turmeric growing at our house!

    • We are proud of our turmeric methods and invite you to come and see our growing homestead! We will show you around, teach you about turmeric and provide you the time to feel the positive atmosphere your turmeric is being surrounded in, all year long!
  6. Absolutely no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or heavy machinery were utilized to produce your turmeric.

    • Too many farmers today utilize these aids to help promote profit, without understanding the untold amount of damage that they are doing to our ecosystem. We understand soil health and the promotion of a healthy ecosystem. Your turmeric is a part of an integrated farm management plan in which your turmeric is palnted in a manner that can be continuously harvested and in a way that promotes a healthy ecosystem!
  7. Your turmeric is part of an integrated farm management plan for long term production that will enhance the land it was planted on.olena in hand 1

    • We grow more than just turmeric! We grow an array of plants, both medicinal and for food! By growing an array of plants, instead of focusing on just one, we can reduce pest outbreaks while enhancing the ecosystem! This ensures that we can supply you all year long with little fear!

Can you say the same about your medicine?

Olena Flower
Turmeric Flower


Side effects of taking turmeric daily may include:

  • Feeling good!
  • Prevention from a variety of ailments including: arthritis, diabetes, dementia, cancer, heart disease, reduced blood pressure, obesity and stomach problems.
  • Good Health
  • Liver Health Promotion




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