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Mushrooms in Hawaii!

Can it be done?


It is amazing how they grow and a great addition to any home garden. Once they are inoculated and given the time to spread throughout the freshly cut log, they seem to produce on a steady basis. Still working on the shiitake mushrooms but our pearl oysters are off to a great start and the best part….. they are delicious!!!

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We started off by soaking them in cold river water from anywhere between 24 to 48 hours in a 100 gallon stock tank. The logs needed to be completely submerged so we tied together two mettle pipes to prevent the rocks from falling into the water.

CAUTION!!! Do Not Use TAP WATER!!! Tap water will kill off your spores! Most tap water contains trace amounts of bleach. The bleach is not strong enough to harm us, but is high enough in concentration to kill the single cell mushroom spore!!! BEWARE!!

After soaking, we left the logs in two different places on the property. The first is amongst some banana trees next to a river. Here there was ample moisture and some airflow.  The second place we decided on was on the side of our house. This had lower moisture than the first place, great airflow and a small bit of afternoon sun.

The side of the house seems to work the best as of right now!

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