Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What can you expect from a consultation?

Answers, guidance and ideas. Our background is in sustainable agriculture. This means we will be using the resources on your land to produce  for itself. We strive to continually decrease the need for input why always making sure we’re protecting the land for the future. You can expect to have an understanding or information to help create an understanding of sustainable agriculture.

2. Why should I listen to you?

We care. We, Laura Rieber and Jesse Fujimoto care about the land, about the future generations, about the children, and about exactly what we’re eating. The only way we can give back, is to help teach others to garden (feed themselves) in a way that does not hurt the land nor compromise our future resources (sustainability).

3. Who does the consultations?

Jesse Fujimoto is born and raised in Hawaii and understands the true value of living on the islands. Jesse strongly believes that we, as a human race, do not own the land, for the land will be there far after we are gone. If we want the land to be healthy for our children, we must teach those that “own” it to take care of it. He has knowledge and experience in numerous agriculture activities including aquaponics, gardening, planting and small scale farming. His internal intuition about the land has guided him in having healthy gardens, trees and medicine where ever he lives. For more information about Jesse CLICK HERE

Laura Rieber graduated from University of Hawaii, Hilo and has called the Islands of Hawaii home for over 10 years. While attending the university, Laura fell in love with the land and wants to help others learn to value what it holds. She has read countless books and has a scientific knowledge to help point you in a direction to learn. For more information about Laura CLICK HERE

Together, Laura and Jesse have been partners and friends for over seven years. They have traveled the world together. They spent a lot of time WWOOFing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and learning about themselves and the land. They have spent the past three years researching, reading, teaching, gardening and planting. The more they gather awareness the more they realize just how UN-clear information about gardening can be. The more they realized this, the more they want to help others learn.  Since then,  they have helped many people start their own gardens and grow their understandings of natural food-growing practices.

4. What if I want to learn and can not afford this?

We will work with you in other ways. We are here to teach and strongly believe people need to learn and teach as well. We do consider appropriate trades.   Contact us HERE to inquire.

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